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E - Group : mctvm96, a Yahoo! E-group

This is the official mailing list of the '96 Batch, Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram. It is the brain-child of Paul Samuel and Prasanth P. While making the batch's official website, they thought they would start an e-group as well. And ever since, the batch has not been the same again. This very concept has changed the way batchmates interact these days. Our e-group which was begun in March 2002, has been a grand success, at least relatively. In the first few months, almost all of the members used to chip in. Since then the interest has been rather subdued. But still some very hardcore e - group members like me, Anil and Sundar still keep on sending mails.

Why I call it a relative success is due to fact that the mailing lists of other batches are relatively inactive. I recently did a survey on the performance of our e-group. It's certainly one of the most active e-groups based in Trivandrum. I hope you are aware by now that we are well past 700 mails in it. Let's keep the fun gong on. Kindly post as frequently as you can to make this e-group experience a lively one.

As members know the name of the e-group has been changed from 'batchof96mctrviandrum' to the present 'mctvm96' from late December. If the big name was the problem for some of the members, at least they will start posting now. I would like to thank Paul and P. P. for initiative to bring about this wonderful addition for our batch. Paul was also gracious enough to make me a joint-owner of the e-group recently.

Another One for the Bachelors : 96batchelors, a Yahoo! E-group

This e-group was initially begun to give some competition to our official e-group. But there has been little response from the members. It was intended to share some censored jokes, thoughts and comments from the male-section of the '96 batch. There has been an effort to re-kindle this group by the group's only active admirer, Anil Neelakantan. Let's keep our under-cover chalus going in here guys.

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