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Introduction :

Our batch has been blessed with many a talented artist, writer, poet and philosopher. During the course of the five years in the college, numerous creative spurts from all across the batch have resulted in the contents of this section. The main purpose of this section is to inform the rest of the world that medicos are as bad as thought when it comes to dishing out things other than those in medical literature. We have a mind to which ticks along as fast as anyone else’s.

I'll try to guide you through the various sub categories in this section. The largest section at present is the souvenir section. Our batch of students have put out a quite remarkable Souvenir called "Rivisera" which has been and a will be envied upon for a long time. Some of the writers, artists in our batch contributed generously in that. Those things are there in the Souvenir Section.

The rest of the creativity will be tapped in the New Gems and E-Group sections. New Gems will get its content from those who will provide us with new examples of their literary and creative work. For this to happen, I need co-operation from the whole of the batch. I hope to expand this section slowly as the years go by. Our mailing list has been a success in multitude of ways. On more than one occasion, there have been posts containing material which is either inspiring or simply good to read.

The Stories & Jokes section will bring out those funny incidents, rumors and 'chalus' which enlivened our batch in its courses. I really am very happy to bring to you this as this is probably my most cherished moments during my 'campus' life. Of course, all persons in our batch will be anxiously awaiting the comprehensive archives of Shanavas stories.

The How To and Academic sections are in their formative stage. We intend to use these sections as help tools for the needy medicos out there. The How To section will soon feature guides on how to choose the very different career options. How to decide, apply prepare and get through the elite options like U. S. M. L. E., P. L. A. B. etc. This section will provide you with something 'hands on' articles by our own batch mates who have taken these paths themselves. Apart from these the other 'branching out' options will also be dealt with. Those include the options of I. A. S., Research, Bio Medical Engineering and so on.

The Editorial Section will of course be some articles posted by the Editors of this site about the batch, medical issues and other issues which might affect our medical community in general. I wish to use this section to provide insightful views which will benefit not just our batch, but any medico visiting this site.

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