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Some Reviews :

The Official Medical College Site : Finally our college is officially on the web. This site is pretty shabby in looks. But the content is worth going through. Includes all the details about various departments, bed number, bed division, ward bed division, OP days, theater days, the phone numbers to the various wards etc. You can also get the Pay Ward requisition form from here. The intersting sections of the webpage include the old photos from the days the college was being built. There are some really intersting pictures and speeches from the architects of our institution ie. Dr. C. O. Karunakaran Nair, Dr. Kesavan Nair, Dr. K. V. Krishna Das. There is also some information about the visits of the great Dr. Alexander Fleming and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. visit

The Unofficial Medical College Site :

This is actually a subdivision of the website of the '91 batch. It has an exhaustive list of the faculty of all departments. But the sad part is that it's not been updated. So the faculty lists are all rather incorrect. The frontpage really captures your attention. I guess our official website had some resemblance to this sites home page. visit

Official Website of the Department of Biochemistry :

This is the first department to have it's own official page. That's the only reason why you need to go to this page. visit

The websites of the '95 batch :

The official site is pretty flashy with the cool floating menu with buttons. It has some interesting material to read through. The website of Dr. Shiju Majeed has some interesing MCQ sections. The home page of Dr. John George has something which is absolutely essential for aspiring undergraduates; Dr. Mathew Thomas' definitions page!

And finally, some of the intersting E-groups :

mednetkerala and Kerala_Doctors are two very big groups catering to the medical fraternity throughout kerala. They are both useful for those who want to know about job opportunites. medicosonline, IMA_Kerala are all in their starting phases.

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