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Welcome to the Medical College Campus!

Our campus is one of the biggest among the leading institutions across Thiruvananthapuram. That's mainly because there are so many buildings of other institutions like the Regional Cancer Center (R. C. C.) and the Sri Chithira Thirunal Institute of Medical Science and Technology (S. C. T. I. M. S. T.) located inside it. There are many areas of unexplored land inside the campus in which we may find some endangered species. Yes it is quite vast. I'll try and guide you through most of the campus in this section. I don't have any pictures to add some life to the text. But I promise, I'll try to get them soon.

The Road

It stretches from the Medical College junction to the main building of the Medical College. On the right side of the first stretch is the Medical College Hospital. On the left is the Dental College, The Margin Free Medical Shop and the Superintendent's Office. Then you reach junction (not literally) where there is the statue of the the Mother and Child. The Sri Avittam Thirunal Hospital (S. A. T.) lies directly ahead of us behind this statue. Immediately next to the S. A. T. is the College of Nursing and the Nurse's Hostel. To the right is the Mortuary and the back part of the Hospital. On the side of the Mortuary you'll find the Male House Surgeon's Quarters (M. H. S. Q.).

The road continues toward the left of the junction. In this part, S. A. T. is on the right side. A little further on, you find the S. C. T. I. M. S. T. on the left side. Then there is a right turn which takes you to the S. A. T. Casualty Department and the Ladies Hostel. Immediately after the right turn, there are two playing grounds on the right side. The second one is the Medical College Ground. On the left side of the road opposite to the ground is R. C. C. There is a turning towards the right immediately after the ground which leads to the Indira Gandhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Pathology Department. The road widens after this and it takes us to the main building. This houses all the Preclinical and Paraclinical Departements including the Forensic Department. There is a lovely garden in the front of the buliding.

The road circles around the building. On the backside of the main building is the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Just before the main building, there is a left turn which leads to the Medical College Office and the Central Libary. On the left side of this road is the entrance to the C. O. Karunakaran Memorial hall. The road continues down by the side of this and the Men's Post Graduate Hostel. From here the road goes east circles around some of the Quarters for the staff and come up near the main road by the side of the D. M. O.

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