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15 million new cancer cases per year by 2020, says WHO

ELISPOT May Be a Major Advance in TB Screening

Public smoking ban slashes heart attacks

Low Testosterone Affects Many Men With Coronary Disease

Epstein-Barr Virus Linked to Multiple Sclerosis

Massive virus discovered in water tower

Synapse chip taps into brain chemistry

Anorexia linked to mystery molecule

Half of all hospital drug injections are wrong

Chinese secrecy blamed for super-pneumonia spread

Adult "cot death" may explain mystery fatalities

Gulf war syndrome research reveals present danger

March of the microbe hunters

Internet Goodies

Search & Mail : MyWay (15/01/03)
Something reminiscent of the good old Yahoo! before it became cluttered with ads and pop up banners. It was launched earlier this week.

Science : NewScientist
Check out the latest stories from the world of science in this amazing website.

Music : Winamp3
Get the latest version of the best mp3 player ever to be made.

Share : KaZaA
Be it music or software, this godmother of all P2P software provides us all.

Sports : ESPNStar
If you enjoy gaming, try logging your luck with millions in the fantasy games on ESPNStar.

Cricket : CricInfo
For all the die-hard fans out there, this is the home of cricket on the web.

Utility : BSNL Trivandrum
Get to know your billing information before the bill arrives by post after registering.

Birthdays and Anniversaries
I Hope you allow me some time to construct the data sheets to maintain this section. Till then, keep up the regular way of remembering things. ;)

Blog for What's Up news! (Updated on 08/11/03)

For the ease of maintaining the site, I've created a new BLOG for What's Up news. It can be accessed via the link given below. Cheers!

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