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Batchmates : K
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Krishna Kumar V.
Rangeela, Vattan, KKV, Kolan KK
S. M. V. High School
Arts College, Tvm
D. O. B.
Nov 7th, 1979
(0471) 2541209
@ what?
Voluntary Trainee, Orthopedics, MC Tvm.
(+91) 98460 87111
@ where?
Mag Bio
Every day and every hour he sees things in his own unique way. He is well liked by most of the staff. He has a passion for music and was part of the rock band Androgens which lend harmony to most of our socials. Many people would be surprised at his love for cats. He is the singular person who has humorously claimed that campus life in Medical College sucks.
Editorial Bio
  • This has been my lucky year so far. I have had a great time academically by achieving #24 in AIPGE, #1 in MAHE 2004 exams. Apart from that, my personal life has been on a high with success in almost every facet. I've been writing songs, watching a lot of movies, reading books, having a fun time with my friends <winks at Chakku, Raghu>. I hope this phase of my life lasts forever! You can catch the rest of my antics on my blog (02/07/04)
  • I have sustained a 'wrist sprain' while indulging in a little sport. I'm in a cast for 3 weeks which will come off by the end of this month. Send me get-well cards! Oh by the way, if you are planning to personally meet me and wish me, better come to the college ground in the evenings. I'm still playing cricket with the other arm! <winks>(05/05/04)
  • I, am proud to inform you that I've joined the King Edward Memorial VII Hospital for my M. S. Orthopedics course. The course would only start in 2005. Till then, I'm planning to enjoy and do some GP/Voluntary work at Medical College, Trivandrum. (04/04/04)
  • Everyone take note! I'm singing in a show called "Janapatham" on ACV which will be aired tomorrow (Sunday, 22nd February) between 6.30 pm and 7.00 pm. It's just a short take and was recorded in the neighborhood of my home about 2 weeks back. Janapatham is a show based on different residential colonies in Thiruvananthapuram with one such colony being featured in a week's show. I'm looking forward to everyone's comments after the show. (21/02/04)
  • This last line on the Mag Bio is an insult to me. I DO MEAN what I claimed there. The "CAMPUS LIFE" in Medical College was the worst thing about the college. I think we medicos are too damn lazy, non-sporting, studious to do anything other than what we are supposed to do. I really wish I had a Campus life at another college, whichever it may be. My other e-mail IDs are, and
  • I'm still preparing for the Entrance folks! (01/08/03)
"My love has always been for Orthopedics. In the future I hope to become an efficient Orthopedic Surgeon. More important, I wish to be a good rock bass guitarist and perhaps something offbeat like a tiger conservationist. My most inspiring teacher was my sister Vidya. Also I admire Dr. Mathew Thomas and Dr. Bejoy, Dr. Pradeep and Dr. Shibu (Orth PGs). I will close by quoting Kurt Cobain – 'It's better to burn off than to fade away'."
  • #13, 'Saraswathy Nivas',
    Chitra Nagar,
    Pattom Palace P.O.
    TVM 695004
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