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Batchmates : K
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Krishna Kumar M.
Unni, KKM, Kakkam, Aakru, Cramp
Arts College, Tvm
D. O. B.
May 13th, 1979
(0471) 2318510
@ what?
M. D. General Medicine,
M. C. H., Tvm
(+91) 98954 05591
@ where?
Mag Bio
Among the very many names to choose from, he prefers to be called as ‘kakkam’. Enthusiasm or eagerness is a softened, polished word to describe the character of KKM in toto. In the back - stage he is our Finance minister; in the field he is our opening pace bowler.
Editorial Bio
  • The PGs who have joined via last year's All India and Kerala have become second year PGs and are posted in specialties. These include Deepthi S., KKM, Ajith Mohan, Sabarinath, Soumya CV, Arun Raj C. N., Raghunath M. etc. Most of them are already working on the thesis materials. (07/06/04)
  • KKM has got the battery of his mobile phone replaced and has taken a new Airtel SIM. The new number is (+91) 98954 05591. Edit your phone books, friends! (15/05/04)
  • KKM has re-joined in M1 after an attack of Chicken Pox. He is very busy organizing CMEs etc in the Department. (04/04/04)
  • KKM and Raghu have succesfully completed a couple of big presentations at the Department of Medicine. It'll be hard to believe that they are going to be second year PGs in a couple of month's time. (05/02/04)
  • KKM has officially taken the role of "reforming" the Medicine Deparment (*winks)! He is very busy trying to convince the management that the needs of the Department as well as the institution have not been met in the past 12 years. He is very busy with that now. (12/01/04)
  • This is one guy who always gets above the rest in terms of remembering those crooked facts from the far-off corners in a text book. Have a session of group studies with him to try it. At the end of the session, he would have given you so many more 'points', 'catches' and valuable information. His main hobbies are reading text books and playing pool. That's why he's quoted as wanting to become a pool master. One thing is assured. He will become a great patient to any sports phsio. He'll get at least 6 different ailments after a session of cricket at the college ground. Those will include torn ligaments, sprain, muscle pulls, cramps. You name it, he'll have it! But more importantly, he's a good friend and a great listener.
  • KKM secured an unbelievable #67 in the 2003 AIPGE! It was long overdue as he had secured #110 in the last Kerala Entrance. He joined (on the 19th of March, 2003) M. C. H. Thiruvananthapuram for his M. D. General Medicine course. He's given company by Deepthi S. and Ajith Mohan who got in with him. (22/03/03)AIPGE (#67!) Kerala (#110)
  • KKM has finished his posting in ICCU and is currently in M1. KKM's journal club (NEJM) presentation at the Medicine Department was a grand success. This was the first experience for KK in front of the factulty and members of the Department of Medicine. Congrats KK!! (01/05/03)
  • KKM is in the middle of his MICU posting. (06/06/03)
  • Symposiums, presentations, seminars - he's full-time busy these days! Is he the next big-thing in General Medicine? (01/08/03)
"I am the one who will never forget my past, that is why my favourite teachers are Mr. Suresh Kumar, my Physics teacher and Dr.Thulasidharan. Pediatrics is my favourite subject. I would like to become a pool master {??} in the future. For me life is a cup of ice cream. Let us enjoy it before it melts. Campus life was as cool as ice cream and as hot as fireball, wasn’t it so?"
  • Jaya Mansion,
    TC 11/ 1591
    Y. M. R. Junction,
    TVM - 3
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