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Batchmates : K
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Kavitha J. B.
Valiya Kavitha, KGB, KaJB, Self Goal, Kazhutha JB
Holy Angels Convent
Womens' College
D. O. B.
Mar 14th, 1978
(0471) 2453497
@ what?
M. D. Pharmacology, MC Trivandrum
(+91) 98463 13533
@ where?
Mag Bio
To talk to her would be like switching on a radio – she starts talking and goes on and on, in her typical style and lots of self goals in between. She is friendly to almost everyone she meets and is not afraid of teasing boys.
Editorial Bio
  • Kavitha J. B. has joined the department of Pharmacology, Medical college Trivandrum. She is very enthusiastic about the course and is already starting on the 'Goodman and the Gillman's. (07/06/04)
  • Kavitha J. B. has joined the Dept. of Pathology at Karakkonam medical college. (28/04/04)
  • Kay JB did a few months of GP at Govindan's after completing her house surgeoncy. But now, she's preparing earnestly for the Entrance. The one person until now who I agree with on views about the campus. The Campus?? Was it ever there? Yeah, that's right Kay JB. It's virtually non-existent at MC, Tvm.
  • Kavitha J. B. is working at Technopark these days as Lady Medical Officer. She has been working there for quite some time. She's given company by the regular M. O. Prasanth P. Kavitha is taking two duties per week on Tuesdays and Fridays. (13/04/03)
  • She's now fully into preps! (01/08/03)
"Campus ?? I realized that Medical College is a campus only with this question. The teachers who have inspired me the most are Dr. Abdul Kalam and Dr. Lalitha Kailas. My favourite subjects are Surgery and Pediatrics. In the future, I plan to face life the way it comes. To my friends; Wherever you are, whatsoever you may be, never ever forget this Mother College of yours."
  • Jayabal,
    TC 27/ 1380,
    RRA – 76,
    Rishimangalam II Lane,
    Vanchiyoor P.O.
    TVM - 695035
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