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Batchmates : J
@mctvm96 >> Batchmates >> J
John Retnakumar
Christ Nagar, Tvm
Loyola, Tvm
D. O. B.
Dec 22nd , 1978
(0471) 2313301
@ what?
D. C. H.
(+91) 98404 79010
@ where?
M. M. C., Chennai
Mag Bio
For a man of his size, he had shouldered a tremendous responsibility – that of our class representative; and accomplished it with elegance and tact. He brought some unity back to the class which was at that point of time riddled with differences of opinion. He is indeed a unique man – with unique ideas. His idea of service is charity.
Editorial Bio
  • John is about to enter his final year. He is enjoying himself in the ICH (@ MMC) in Chennai. (01/04/04)
  • Another one of the batch members who were impressed with the C. M. C. Vellore. He's given an application for joining there as a Senior Intern. The final decision will come after some more time. John has secured the 875th rank at the All India PG Medical Entrance held in January. Congrats!
  • John has left Trivandrum for joining the M. M. C. for his his D. C. H. course which is got via the AIPGE Counselling. (01/04/03)
  • John is enjoying his first few weeks as PG in Chennai. He met Dona Mary at Chennai and went to her home. He also visited the beautifuly Ramachandra College. He's getting adjusted to the ward routine there at MMC and has attended some classes. He is planning to meet Sheenu sometime later. John is staying in a lodge near the college in Egmore. He still doesn't have a contact number. (22/04/03)
  • Because of the continuing strike by the Medicos in Tamil Nadu, John is back in Trivandrum for a few days. In his opinion, the teaching at Institute for Child Health (I. C. H.) is not as good as in MCH/SATH. He is trying to adjust to the language problem. (08/05/03)
"I found my campus life enjoyable and interesting except for the politics. Dr. Sudha, Dr. Mathew Thomas and Dr. Fazl Marikar are all dear to me. I love Medicine and Pediatrics. In the future I wish to be a missionary doctor or do some research. My friends have always been my greatest achievement. I would like to remind them that ‘Friendship is forever’. It will be there to nourish and cherish you even in the most turbulent period of your life."
  • TC XI / 1853
    Y.M.R. Junction,
    Nanthencode, TVM.
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