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Batchmates : D
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Dennis Kumar
Dennis Kumar (Sasikumar)
Bracket, Driver, Deni, The Menace
Arya Central
D. O. B.
19th Feb, 1978
Married to Neeraja
July 14th, 2004
(0471) 2360256
@ what?
Ph. D, Johns Hopkins University
98201 08455
@ where?
Maryland, US
Mag Bio
Once voted Mr. Cool of the batch, he is calm with interests as wide as can be. He has simple words and an easygoing nature. Listening to Dennis makes us feel that things are not too complicated. A good artist, writer and enthusiast, he has turned many a boring class into lively ones with his ‘Nimisha Kavithakal’.
Editorial Bio
  • Dennis and Neeraja have reached US on the 8th of August. Both are going to work in the Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. (07/08/04)
  • Dennis got married to Neeraja in a function at Chennai on the 14th of July. Myself and Deepak attended the function. John couldn't make it to the wedding. The reception was held in Residency towers in Trivandrum on the 16th of July and was attended by a lot of our batchmates. Best wishes to the couple! (18/07/04)
  • Great news folks, Dennis has managed to get admission to the Ph. D course in Neuroscience in Johns Hopkins university (the #2 Medical College in the world) in Baltimore. He will join his fiance at the institution. Neeraja (his fiance) is already doing her Ph. D. there. About the marriage, it will be held on the 14th of July. The details will be posted later. Congratulations to Dennis! (04/04/04)
  • This will come a surprise to many of our batchmates. Dennis is getting married to his class mate Neeraja at IIT Mumbai in July. Neeraja is based in Hyderabad and is doing her Ph.D in the US. Dennis, after finishing his B. Tech at the IIT, will fly to the US for his Ph. D. The exact date and location of the wedding will be informed later. Congratulations to the couple! (26/02/04)
  • Dennis Kumar has reached Trivandrum for a 2 week long stay. He is already through 3 semesters in his 2 year course at the IIT Mumbai. (03/02/04)
  • It will be surprising to you that Dennis is already well into his final year in his M. Tech course at IIT, Mumbai. He's taking a well deserved break for about two weeks starting on the 28th of Jan. He's already applied to various universities in the US for his PhD course. With a little luck, he would get into a decent one very soon! (21/01/04)
  • Dennis is very much enjoying his time at IIT Bombay. He has some great friends and likes hanging out with them during his free time. The internet access speeds are out of the world at his computer labs. He hasn't visited much of Mumbai as yet. The campus and the the neighborhood are really good with restaurants working round the clock. The course as such is very interesting. It's a mixture of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Science, Physiology etc. He's amongst the toppers of the batch there and is a favorite with the Professors. He came to visit trivandrum some time back. His other e-mail ID is Read his articles : 20th Year Reunion - A Farce & the how - to article about IIT M. Tech Bio Medical Engineering.
  • Dennis' progress in the course so far has been satisfactory. After a brief visit to Trivandrum, Dennis has has left to Mumbai. (18/05/03)
"I don’t have much to talk about campus life; outside campus in the future I want to do something fun – whatever that means. My favourite subject is Physiology and so far no teacher has become my favourite. Anything less than extraordinary is a waste of time – is that not a message clear enough?"
  • ‘Chakrath’.
    House No. 698
    Arapura Lane,
    TVM - 695013
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