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Batchmates : B
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Boban P. Abraham
Bobanovsky, Boobs
D. O. B.
16th Nov, 1978
Married to Bhavana
12th July (2003)
@ what?
Residency, Neuroscience
@ where?
Mag Bio
‘Bobanovsky’ as he is affectionately called, is a brilliant academician. Combining clinical acumen with knowledge he has carved a niche in the elite hall of our college. He is the Pediatric Gold Medalist of our batch and one of the highly respected individuals. A softspoken and gentle person, he is also a talented writer, who combines his rare ideas with a flow of words.
Editorial Bio
  • Both Boban and Bhavna have cleared all the medical license requirements and have become MDs. Step 2 scores for both are very impressive; 99 & 96 percentiles respectively. Congratulations! (05/06/04)
  • He's recovering after a Thyroidectomy. Get well soon! Read Boban's article Aham.
  • Boban P. Abraham is also looking forward to fly over to the U. S. later on this year. (06/05/03)
  • Boban and Bhavana got married on the 12th of July! The wedding held at the Lourdes Forane Church, P. M. G. junction, Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday, 12th of July at 10. 30 a.m. was grand. The reception was at the Subramoniam Hall, Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram. Best wishes to two of the brightest prospects from the '96 Batch! (15/07/03)
  • Both Boban and Bhavna are planning to fly to U. S. and continue their careers there. (01/08/03)
"Recollecting the years in college brings back a flood of nostalgia. Right from anatomy dissection hall to the hectic hours of internship, each experience was as unique as they were vivid. The professors I regard as my role models are Dr. Mathew Thomas, Dr. Lalitha Kailas and Dr. Joy Philip. My favourite subjects are Pediatrics and Surgery. I wish to become a good Pediatrician in the future for the simple reason that being with children reminds me of the casual aspects of life that we often tend to forget as an adult. I will conclude by quoting Shakespeare: Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice; Take each man’s censure, but reserve thy judgement."
  • 1/ 1354, Rose Gardens, Poonthi Lane,
    Kumarapuram, Medical College P.O.
    TVM – 695011
  • 605 Carriage Hill,
    Athens, Ohio,
    45701 USA
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