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Batchmates : B
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Bigesh U.
St. Thomas, Tvm
St. Thomas, Tvm
D. O. B.
Jan 10th, 1979
(0471) 3097604
@ what?
M. D. General Medicine, Jamnagar, Gujarat
(0) 28831 15885
@ where?
Jamnagar, Gujarat
Mag Bio
A man of unique views and deeds, he has always attracted attention to himself. He has the distinction of being the only Cine star of our batch. He also achieved the third place in the Psychiatry Gold medal exams.
Editorial Bio
  • He has joined M. D. General Medicine in Jamnagar, Gujrat after getting an AIPGE rank #538! Congrats! (29/06/04)
  • Bigesh's e-mail ID has been changed to Please take a note of this. He has also sent a new photo of his. (05/02/04)
  • Bigesh is back normalcy after recovering from his fracture.Bigesh has been discharged and is back home resting. (12/01/04) He'll get about a month off from his course. On behalf of the batch, I wish Bigesh a speedy recovery from his ailment. (01/10/03)
  • Bigesh U. has sustained a fracture both bones forearm Left side in a motorcycle accident on Thursday. He's presently in a stable condition ih the Student's room at Medical College, Trivandrum under Ortho 4. He will be treated with internal fixation on Tuesday. On behalf of the whole batch, I wish Bigesh a speedy recovery. (19/09/03)
  • Bigesh's latest movie is already running in theaters all across Tamil Nadu. Coming to Kerala in a week's time. Fans, watch out! (Profile Photo updated) (10/03/04)
  • After doing wonderfully well in the Kerala Entrance, Bigesh has decided to take a break from academics. He's pursuing his acting career these days. His latest film will hit the theaters in a few weeks. Bigesh is also lighting up Doordarshan with an interview of Dr. Jayakumar B., the renowned Endocrinologist. The interview is to be aired on the 17th of February at 5. 00 PM.
  • Bigesh is working in S2 under Dr. Raghu as the sole representative of our batch in the surgical wards at MCH, Trivandrum. (09/04/03)
  • Dr. Bigesh has his mobile number changed to (0471) 3103063 (19/04/03)
  • Bigesh is back from Chennai after finshing shooting in an upcoming movie. According to the latest information, he had to exchange roles due to problems in obtaining leave from the Department of Surgery. He was supposed to don the role of a friend of the hero in the movie. If you still haven't realized how big this is, check this out. The lead female actress in the movie is none other than Aishwarya Rai! Yes, that's right! Not only that, the man himself says that he has got acquainted with the former Miss World!~ (19/04/03)
  • Bigesh sustained a #Both Bones Forearm in a bike accident about a week back. He's recovering after internal fixation at Medical College, Trivandru. Get well soon, Bigesh!
"For me the past five years in campus was a long, pleasurable experience which gave a meaning to life and an opportunity to learn life, and a foundation for future life. I aim to be happy in life and be a good human being. Real happiness lies in making others happy. My favourite teacher is Dr. Antony. My message is: ‘Be calm when a blamer assails you, for the blamer always receives back his blames; His blames, like a ball thrown at a wall, comes back to hit the thrower. "
  • ‘Ushus’
    TC 20/ 0337,
    House No. 50
    Kowdiar P.O. TVM.
  • "Sai Bharat",
  • "Kumari Bhavan",
    Erathu Veedu,
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