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Batchmates : A
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Anoop Sudarsanan
a. k. a. > Anoop S. Trivandrum
St. Thomas , Tvm
St. Thomas , Tvm
D. O. B.
Mar 22nd , 1979
(0471) 2418760
@ what?
M. D. Pediatrics, BMC, Bangalore
98864 33286
@ where?
Mag Bio
Here is the full name of the ‘Mohanlal’ of our batch; better known as Anoop. S. Trivandrum or ‘Trivu’. He is a fun loving creature whose hobbies include dieting, eating, wasting time and of course the ethical ones like ‘vayinottam’, ‘pancharayadi’, and ‘paradooshanam’ – Howzzat!!.
Editorial Bio
  • Like just about everyone else around, Anoop is devastated after the All India Entrance. He's going to take it easy for about a month doing G. P. and having fun. He's definitely male these days, riding on his new Pulsar. So check out v 2.0 Anoop Sudarsanan roaring through the roads in the city! Check out Anoop's personal website.
  • Anoop is preparing for the Entrance. He's received a call from the UPSC list. He's also thinking of joining for Dip N. B. at Calicut, M. C. (01/08/03)
  • Anoop is really busy with his work. He is slowly adjusting to the language. He hasn't yet had enough free time to enjoy the city life in Bangalore. Has a new mobile number - 98864 33286. (07/06/04)
  • Anoop Sudarsanan is into the groove of a Pediatrics PG in the Bangalore Medical College. Life is busy with a couple of 24 hour duties in a week and daily workload which stretches to 5 pm. He has moved into an apartment along with a couple of Mallu PGs who have taken PG courses like him via All India counselling. (17/05/04)
  • Anoop S. has joined for M. D. Peds at Bangalore Medical College this week. The hospital in which he will be working is called Vani Vilas hospital. He has completed all the formalities and is currently visiting his relatives, native place etc. He will join the course on the 3rd of May. Anoop, Enjoy yourself in the Garden City! (01/04/04)
" My campus life was one heck of a joy ride and looking back I feel a very sweet sensation ala after the taste of ‘Ambalapuzha palpayasam’. I feel a lump rising in my throat when I think of leaving the campus for the cruel world…Sniff….Sniff….Please wipe my tears for me. “Ee Manohara theerathu tharumo iniyoru janmam koodi“ My favourite teachers are Dr. Sudha and Dr. Amarjayanthi. I love Pediatrics and Forensic Medicine but would like to specialize in Pediatric Surgery. Let me conclude with the following message. 'Easwara Chinthayithonne Manujanu Saswathameeyulakil' "
  • SP/ 2/ 202 ( 2 )
    AKG Nagar, Pangappara
    TVM - 695581
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