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Anil Neelakantan
Woodchuck, Neelan
D. O. B.
May 15th , 1979
(0484) 2606944
@ what?
@ where?
Buffalo, New York
Mag Bio
One and only woodchuk, chuk has an older brother Sanil and a younger brother Nil. The person himself and his speech & deeds have enriched the ‘Vedivattoms’ of our class with ‘Namboodiri jokes’. A person with unique and flamboyant ideas, he also has a good academic record with a final MBBS second rank. He taught us with authority that spoken English can be spoken like this also!!
Editorial Bio
  • Let's say he's having a really cold time at Buffalo* (winks). He has other e-mail ID as well & I really love the 'kotumbheekaran' ID. Where did you get the ID? View his snaps here. He's posted on very interesting issues on the mailing list. Read them here.
  • Great news guys! Anil has been promoted into the PhD program in the State University of New York. The University has agreed to give me a scholarship and funds that would more than cover all the expenses and fees here and some money to spare too. He would start my PhD in August. This year 18 candidates were selected into the program out of 570 applicants from around the globe and so far he is the only non-US citizen guy to get it this yr. This PhD is ranked equal to that offered by Cornell University! (which is ranked among the top ten in US)! (19/04/03)
  • He's visiting Kerala for a few days. (01/08/03)
  • Check out Anil's exhaustive article about career options in the U. S. A. View article >> (08/08/03)
  • Anil's contact info has been updated. His old phone numbers and street address are given here - 1-716-833-7214 1-716-835-0910; Anil Neelakantan, #86, Merrimac Street, Buffalo, New York - 14214 (24/08/03)
  • Anil was presented a Gold medal in a function at Kerala Univ by Karthikeyan and the vice chancellor. The only problem we can't figure out, why did it take 3 years? (23/03/04)
  • Anil has laboriously typed in an exhaustive article about Career Options in the U. S. A. You can read the article here. On behalf of everyone, I thank Anil for this splendid article. (08/08/03)
"My campus life was cool, man cool. I had a tough time with stress and strains of medical life; but garnished with fun and frolic with peers. The sir I admire the most is Dr. Zulfikar Ahmed. My favourite subjects include Physics, Neurology, Cardiology and Pediatrics. In the future I hope to be a Neurologist with special interests in neural networking and artificial intelligence. My message is: Have an attitude of gratitude and enjoy life to its fullest when you can."
  • Nerinjampalli Illam,
    Sreenilayam, Sastri Lane,
    UC College P.O.,
    Alwaye - 683102
  • Dr. Anil Neelakantan,
    # 130, Merrimac Street,
    Buffalo, NY - 14214,
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