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Batchmates : A
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Anish M. R.
Nakku, Radio, Verbal Diarrhoea
Model School, Tvm
Arts College, Tvm
D. O. B.
4th Jan, 1978
(0471) 2324005
@ what?
D. N. B. Opthal, Sankara Institute, Coimbatore
98650 21897
@ where?
Mag Bio
An image that words fail to describe, he is a ‘Saraswathy’ that is unmatched – his life is ‘Just a Minute’ (JAM). A good organizer and orator, he is also a good cricketer. He served as an efficient secretary to the KHSC. His wits and lateral thinking has created a permanent image in the minds of all those who have come across him.
Editorial Bio
  • He has tons of e-mail IDs. The preferred ones are, and Some of the rest are, and He is giving company to Thakazhi at a professional gym these days. He's also very much into swimming at the Aakulam Resort. He is continuing to practice as a GP at a private hospital in Mannil, near Kottarakkara.
  • The latest on him in his own words ...
    "am in pg hostel... nice friends frm all part of india ( andhra,up,goa,punjab,karanataka,kerala,mp) everyone is so friendly even the consultants... here average 80-100 cataract surg /day... big theatre with 10 table so 10 surg at a time.... now am posted in assessmnt room where we are assessing the patient through slit lamp... WEEKLY 2 case presentation class, one journal presentation, one seminar & 2 camps.. we hav camp at friday,sat,& sun...a team of doctors,paramedicals with start off at friday afternoon & we be back at sun afternoon... we will stay at the camp site on friday & sat night..."
  • Anish M. R. has joined D. N. B. Ophthalmology in the Sree Sankara Ophthalmology institute at Coimbatore from the first of August. It is a very reputed instituted and he hopes to enjoy working there. Congrats to Anish! Check out his college's website - (10/08/04)
  • As you might know, a lot of our batchmates are seeking refuge at lodges near the Medical College to prepare for the entrance. The latest addition to this 'ritual' is none other than Anish M. R. He has taken a room in one of the more respectable lodges and is expected to be given company by Siby! I really wish both of them the very best in their efforts! Anish M. R. has a new mobile phone connection from Reliance. He still can't use the phone fully as full inter-network connectivity has not been enabled with other operators. I still don't have the number with me right now. I'll post it as soon as I know. (10/04/03)
  • His new mobile number is (0471) 3103026 (19/04/03)
  • Anish M. R. has joined the Department of SPM at the Karakkonam Medical College. He's planning to prepare for the entrance by staying at the hostel. He's already having considerable popularity at the Department. (14/09/03)
"My campus life was like a ping pong game. The teacher who has inspired me the most is Dr. Mohandas of Pediatrics. My favourite subjects include Pediatrics and Surgery. In the future I hope to be a good doctor and a have a nice family life. My message is: Mornings and evenings come and go – but remember to enjoy life in between. "
  • Vysakh, TC 15/ 2010,
    TVM – 14
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