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Batchmates : A
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Ajeetav Naik
D. O. B.
Dec 13th, 1978
(0484) 2201005
(0484) 2209100
@ what?
M. B. A. @ F. M. S.
98914 66215
@ where?
New Delhi
Mag Bio
One of the most talented guys of our batch, he has been the heartthrob of many. Had he not joined Medical College, he would have been kidnapped to Hollywood. He was one of the top rankers in the MBBS entrance exam. He is also a good guitarist and artist. If we were all World Bankers, Ajee would be India!
Editorial Bio - KK
  • Ranbaxy has given him a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) which means that he will have the job before the campus placements start. He is offered a salary of 6. 8 Lakhs per annum and he has a compulsory foreign stint during the first year itself. The options for that include USA, Russia... maybe even Cameroon. He still has one year left before graduating from FMS, Delhi. He's currently in Mumbai. Congrats!

    Ajeetav's sister has tied the knot. The lucky guy is an engineer, MBA graduate from JBIMS, Mumbai. He is presently working with TCS, Mumbai. The couple are in London. His sister is planning planning for research and he is on an assignment with Merrill Lynch. They will be there for two years. (18/10/04)

  • He has finished my summer project with Ranbaxy. They have offered me a PPI (Pre Placement Interview). If he clears this, he will having a job even before the business firms will be coming for final placements. Only 4 such offers have been made across India. He says he got lucky but admits that he had to slug it out. And the pay, 6 lacs per annum + perks and raises! (29/06/04)
  • Ajeetav is busy with his M. B. A. course at FMS, New Delhi. When I went to N. Delhi, I managed to get him on the phone which is tough in itself. He sends warm regards to the rest of the batch. (28/04/04)
  • Ajeetav Nayak has been selected by Ranbaxy for a Summer Project as part of the MBA course. It's for a duration of three months and can be compared to our Internship. The stipend is Rs. 15, 000 as cash and *FREE* 3 Star and 5 Star accommodation in Mumbai and Hyderabad. The travel is also free! Congrats Ajee!!(24/10/03)
  • When Parmeshwar was in New Delhi for his SSC (Short Service Commission) interview, he met Ajeetav. Ajee is doing really well in New Delhi. He's topping the batch at the FMS which is no mean feat. He's working very hard for this obviously. But, as we've heard from the man himself, he doesn't miss out on any opportunity to have fun with parties etc. Ajee's sister doing HS in Medical College Trivandrum has given a hint that he might come to Trivandrum for a project or so. (11/10/03)
  • Ajeetav has been selected for F. M. S. Delhi after a written exam, a group discussion, an interview and an extempore speech. For those who don't know, F. M. S. (Faculty of Management Studies) is rated among the top 5 management institutes in India. He also found some 'peers' for company at S. M. S. ie. 3 M. B. B. S. graduates who joined F. M. S. last year. On behalf of the '96 Batch, I congratulate Ajee and wish him the very best in his management career. (22/04/03)
  • Check out Ajee's life in his own words...

    "Well, just one word for DELHI and FMS would be FANTABULOUSLYAMAZING!!!!!! The place is great, the course is great! The weather was the only dampener in the beginning but have acclimatized myself to it now. Its not just a cakewalk though.

    Sample this. We have classes from 9 to 2 from monday to friday with saturdays and sundays off. The classes dont finish at 2 Though we hav loads of guest lectures competitions. Got to meet Azim Premji even!!!!!!! So basically the day starts at 9 and ends at 10 pm. But here is the best part. The motto here is work hard and party even harder! Sounds cliched but in delhi people really part hard! The pub and discotheque parties go on till 5 am! Thats somthing like 8 hrs of thrugh and thrugh dancing! Not bad huh?!

    Birthdays are huge here. Cakes are eaten here but splateered on the face and butt! And a special bath with a bucket full of water mixed with pepsi!

    Hostel is fantastico! Washing machines in every floor! Air conditioned common rooms! Any one allowed in the rooms till 9 in the night! A mess with 100 watts of music along with the food! I just bought a car here too, as transport is pretty expensive otherwise! Sample this! Delhi uuniversity is the size of the main city of KOCHI! And the IIT Delhi campus is probably about as big as TRIVANDRUM!

    COMPLETE AND believe me its truly world class..."
    (Ajee, 03/08/03)
  • I really didn't understand what the guys at the mag meant with the last line in the bio. I guess they might have meant that Ajee is so much of a talent that he's become so important to our batch in every sense. If the my guesses are true, it's a fact. He's tries his bit in just about everything that comes his way and let's not underestimate him cuz he's so damn successful. He tried his luck with online game shows like Kaun Banega Crorepathi (KBC, where he got Rs. 1 lakh last month) and Super Selector and has won lots of cash and prizes. Check out Ajee's sketch of a film star.
"My campus life was fun while it lasted. My favourite subjects included Microbiology and Forensic Medicine. The most inspiring teacher? Me, myself of course. In the near future, I plan to take a GRE and try a course on MBA. My message is : Day come, Day go, Why bother about tomorrow?"
  • S38/ 1938,
    Kochi - 682020
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