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Batchmates : A
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Abhishek P. B.
Lead (Pb), Soman, Abu Sheikh
St. Joseph, Tvm
Arts College, Tvm
D. O. B.
Aug 7th, 1978
(0471) 2449427
@ what?
M. D. General Medicine
98611 43832
@ where?
Burla, Orissa
Mag Bio
‘Abu Sheikh’ is full of energy and enthusiasm. He took part in all our activities with zest. He is also a very good organizer and is known for his jovial nature and easy wits. He was also the captain of our cricket team.
Editorial Bio
  • Congrats to Abhi for securing the 544th Rank in the Jan, AIPGE!
  • Abhishek has taken M. D. General Medicine in Burla Medical College, Orissa via AIPGE Counselling. (08/03/03)
  • Abhishek and his fellow Medicine PGs at Burla will start on 28th of this month to join at their new college. (09/04/03)
  • Abhi has reached Burla safely and will join his M. D. General Medicine course from the Friday, the 2nd of May. He has taken a new mobile connection at Burla and the number is 98611 43832. Abhishek is given company by two Mallus out of which one is Dr. Shanavas (senior from '95 Batch). On behalf of the batch, I wish Abhi the very best in his PG life!
  • Abhishek is getting adjusted to the new environment at Burla. (08/05/03)
  • Abhishek is very busy with his ward work in Burla, Orissa. He's on a tight schedule there with very little time for leisure or exercise. To add to it, the language problem is also there. He is in the hostel now and is getting adjusted to the food served. He's been alloted beds at the hospital and so will not be able to free himself to come to Manipal to write the entrance. (18/05/03)
  • After a brief visit to Trivandrum for the Onam, Abhi has returned to Burla. He's planning to concentrate more on academics after getting to grip with the language problem. (14/09/03)
  • Abhishek P. B. is into his second year and is into thesis work. He was in Trivandrum for a fortnight a week back. (07/06/04)
  • Abhishek is coming for a visit to his 'naadu' on the 25th of this month. More details about the visit later. (18/05/04)
  • Abhishek has somehow managed to grab a few days of leave and is in Trivandrum for a week or so. He's into specialties already and is in the middle of his Cardiology posting. He'll probably return around the 5th of January. (28/12/03)
  • Abhishek P. B. is having a chilly time in Burla with temperatures hovering around the 5 deg. C mark. (01/12/03)
  • Abhishek is into his second year in MD General medicine at Burla. He is already working on his thesis. He is also looking to get an MRCP degree. Is planning to go to the Gulf after finishing his MD. (26/06/04)
  • After his brief visit to Trivandrum for the Onam celebrations, Abhishek has gone back to Burla and Bangalore respectively to re-start their PG courses. Abhishek is having a busy schedule at Burla with daily evening rounds which stretch to as late as 10 pm. With the language problem slowly resolving, toning up clinical skills and other academics are becoming more important.
  • (14/09/03) Abhishek will come to Trivandrum on the first week of September. (05/08/03)
"There were lots of experiences and incidents. They are all too personal. My favourite teacher is Dr. Sheila Shenoi. And my favouriite subject is Medicine. I don’t want to waste my life treating URI, LRI and ADD. I want to do research. Ten years from now I see myself in the U.S. My message is: Thereis only one life, enjoy it."
  • SAI Prabha,
    TC 15/ 1260,
    Trivandrum – 695037
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